Saturday, December 27, 2008

25 Dec 08

I had intended on running tonight and when I woke up at 2 PM, it was snowing fairly heavenly. While still in bed, I called the local time and temp and the forecast was for 2-4 inches. I looked outside and we had more than 4 inches and there is no sign of it letting up. I hurt my good knee on the run last night and my right ankle and left shoulder are sore. Something deep in my gut tells me to give the dogs the night off. I call Mary and explain everything and she says “it’s your decision”. Not much help. After mulling it over, I decide to follow my gut and call off training and let the dogs have the next four days off to recover from any sore muscles. If I have them I am sure they do also.

The bonus round is I get to spend some time with Mary. When I work the night shift, I don’t see her as she is going to work when I am coming home or vice versa. It turns out my decision was a good one as the snow continued until about 6 AM on the 26th. I have over a foot and a half of snow in the driveway. That would be a great deal of snow for the dogs to have to break through. If this were a race that would be different, but this close our debut, I can’t afford an injury.

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