Saturday, December 27, 2008

14 Dec 08

This was a planned day off realizing we trained on 10, 11 and 13 Dec and will train on 15 and 16 Dec. This worked out since I spent about 8 hours with the Fort Richardson Game Warden / Conservation officer. I realized I needed to notify the conservation officer about the warning shot and the attempting shooting of the moose. In addition to filling out a mound of paperwork, recounting my story and providing statements for Fort Richardson and the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game I had to take the conservation officer out to the site of the stomping. The moose was still there. The conservation officer used his binoculars and ascertained that the moose was in deed a young bull which recently dropped his antlers and that I did in fact hit him in the front left shoulder. If I had moved the gun to the right, I would have killed the moose. The Conservation Officer ruled this as a text book “Defense of Life and Property”.

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