Saturday, December 27, 2008

19 Dec 08

We have our first race of the season tomorrow and Sunday. The race will be more to support the club and to get experience for the team in a “race type” environment. We are not out to win, but to maintain the same pace we will for the 200 mile and longer races.

Since the feed store in Palmer finally received their shipment of lamb, I need to run out and purchase that for the dogs. I also need to take the lamb from Palmer out to the other side of Wasilla so it can get cut.

Let me jump ahead to Monday. When I pick up the lamb, I find it was a good move as the lady cutting the meat is trying to open up a store for mushers, however she still has to keep her full time job to keep a paycheck coming in. After talking with her, I find out she is Lance and Jason Mackey’s Mom and is really supportive of the mushing community. I look forward to supporting her efforts.

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