Saturday, December 27, 2008

11 Dec 08

The plan is to break the team into 2 smaller teams. This is necessary for several reasons. 1.) Zia is in season and I can keep her away from the in-tact boys. 2.) This is our first run on a sled this year and we don’t want to get in over our heads in case we can’t hook down. I remember from yesterday’s run that there were a few places where there was only an inch of snow or so. Not too many places, but enough to make me cautious.

The first team has 7 dogs and a majority of the rookies. Needless to say there isn’t enough experienced dogs to put with the rookies, so I have to do more babysitting and make sure everyone gets along. The boys know there is a girl in season, but don’t know where she’s at. I have a 30 pound bag of cedar chips in the toboggan and off we go. The temps were a bit warmer than the last few days and the trail was soft due to some fresh snow. Although it was our first time on sleds, I don’t expect the same results as the 4 wheeler, but this was a very painful run and almost not enjoyable. The boys weren’t working as a team and it became very frustrating. We’ll see how the second team does.

I get the boys back to the truck, watered and put in their boxes and then hook up the girls and Lasar. Lasar is 6 years old and neutered and doesn’t seem to be affected by Zia. He is just happy to be running. I put Lasar at wheel and Zia at lead with Luna. This team only has six dogs and after the trail conditions I just observed, I take the weight out of the sled. This was a much more enjoyable run. Five experienced dogs and one rookie. This was a great run and put me in a better mood.

The trails look pretty good and from here on out we will be on sleds as long as the snow doesn’t melt. Today’s run was only 10 miles.

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