Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Training Report - March 13, 09

The day before the Mushing 20.

Mary took the day off of work so she could get a training run in with her team before the race on Saturday. Up to this point, I have been training both teams.

The club needed help marking the trail and getting ready for the race. Mary and I volunteered to help as this would give Mary a look at the trail system and the benefit to ask questions. Prior to this time, she had only been on the 6 mile part of the trail. There is a part of the trail system where you can get turned around and head toward Ft. Richardson if you aren't paying attention. This section of trail isn't marked.

Mary rode with Bill Waddell on his snow machine. Bill is very active in the club and has been one of the main trail groomers for a very long time. I think she learned more about the trail in the few hours she spent with Bill than I have over the last 5 years training there.

After we finished marking the trail with Bill, Jackie and Lexi; Mary and I went home, loaded up the dogs and equipment and went out for a short training run. Now that she saw the inlet and the back side of the trails from the snow machine, it was time to take the dogs out and experience those parts of the trail on the back of a sled.

Her team took off first and we were soon to follow. We ran out the four mile loop and then took a Gee out to the inlet, then back around Beach Lake over toward Dee Lake and then back to Beach Lake, up heartbreak hill and then back to the truck. The run was 11 miles.

Little did I know that she was sick and actually left part of her lunch on the trail.

Race results from the Mushing 20 and Purebred Classic to follow.