Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh Snow – Training Report 19 Feb 09

We woke to just above freezing temps and snow falling from the sky. I loaded up the 16 dogs, just like the day before and off to the trails. The plan was to do 8 miles with the same two 8 dog teams.

The first team had Luna and Gabby at lead, Bogey and Zia at swing, Velma and Apollo at team and Timber and Thursby at wheel. This was Gabby’s first time in lead from start to finish. The temps were warm and the snow was heavy and wet. I expected our run to be a little slower than normal. The first team broke trail for the entire run.

It was a little cooler for the second team. I had Mae and Bear at lead, Amizette and Cyphers at swing, Alli and Tolby at team and Lasar and Hawkeye at wheel. This team flew. We were about 15 minutes quicker than the first team.

The shoulder was a little soar when after I got home and everyone off-loaded. It’s doing a little better a few hours later.